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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas With Seniors Helping Seniors

December 1, 2012
Grand Rapids, Michigan
It is a very Merry Christmas here at Seniors Helping Seniors in home services. While we bring joy to seniors year round in the Grand Rapids Area, Christmas is a special time for our Seniors Helping Seniors Family to celebrate together.

About 30 people gathered this year for our SHS Christmas party. We had about 18 Providers join us and 12 guests including some spouses and friends. Our speakers this year gave us some wonderful information including Raymond Siegel from Waddell & Reed who sponsored the event,  a speaker from the Center for Physical Rehabilitation and a wonderful group of children who provide community service to senior citizens shared with us about what they do.

There were some door prizes for our Providers and Noah VanderLinde helped with the drawing of winners.
Of course, Noah wanted to make sure that no Providers left empty handed.

It was a great meal and great time spent with some truly great people. To all of our loving, caring and compassionate caregivers, thank you for all you do for us and those families you serve. Merry Christmas!

Seniors Helping Seniors of Grand Rapids

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